Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I get so frustrated sometimes with my family, I wanna either ship them off to Africa or shoot myself to the moon.

A little background: Mom and Dad split in 2001. Mom moved in w in 2003. In 2007, Uncle moved in w Mom and Oct. 2008, dies.

Now Mom and Uncle are in house alone, together. My uncle is a fucking LOSER! He got hurt on the job a few years back and has pretty much been unemployed since then. He drinks constantly, refuses to get any kind of job period and moochs off anything that he thinks will give him money. First it was my, now it's my mom. I occasionally borrow Mom's car and have done this a lot lately since the truck is out of service. He finds this appalling since it leaves him w/o a car. FUnny thing is HE HAS A CAR!!! He just refuses to maintain it. Jay's put all new brakes on it once and will NEVER work on it again.

So on Sunday, he's so desperate for alcohol or tabbaco, he fires up his piece of shit and runs out of gas...guess who has to go rescue him?? Me, of course. I was in NO hurry so it took me, I dunno, four hours to get out there...I borrowed the car last night so I could go to the ER tonight to get this fucking bulge looked at (I know, I said that yeaterday) and I was shocked as hell when she called me to tell me we HAD to go to N. Portland to jump start aforementioned Uncle's car!! The dumb motherfucker has driven it SIX BLOCKS to the lil ghetto mart and it won't start on him. Now, mind you, this man just received some $9,000 from his mother's death so why the fuck is he driving around in a car that won't start?? My mom truly expected me to be okay with goin out there and I'm pretty sure I pissed her off when I said "Hell NO!"

As I am a logically person, I showed her all the things I saw wrong with this picture and she had the "ah-ha" moment. "I'll tell him to call Les Schwab..."

There you go, Mom! GROW THAT BACK BONE!!


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